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Steirereck: Eating culture!

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Am Heumarkt 2a, Vienna
+43 713 31 68

Chef: Heinz Reitbauer

Restaurant Steirereck is housed in the centrally located Stadtpark in Vienna. It was totally renovated a few years ago and the architecture can easily be seen as one of the most remarkable restaurants in Europe. The futuristic front side of the restaurant is made entirely out of metal and glass and the building consists of three wings. The tight lines and modern lighting give the building an ‘out of this world’ feeling. Once inside, guests are welcomed by an impressive ‘floor to ceiling’ wine cabinet, an open kitchen, and different dining compartments to secure privacy. The interior breathes luxury, with very spacious tables and a modern architecture, but manages to be inviting and ambient without being too much.

Chef Heinz Reitbauer from Steirereck im Stadtpark is one of those chefs who pushes the boundaries of gastronomy, reinvents and creates a cuisine, which moves the senses. A personal style which is based on traditional cooking, but evolved into a unique, modern cooking style. The chef moves perfectly between hi-tech and traditional techniques without any compromises on the quality of the ingredients. He is awarded with a 19/20 score in the Austrian Gault&Millau guide and received several international recognitions for his merits in the world of gastronomy.

The most important aspect of his cuisine is the ingredient. A lot of the produce is coming from Reitbauer’s own farm, and most of what is served comes from Austria. A special mention goes out to the many vegetables in his dishes. To give extra explanation about the ingredients, all of the dishes are presented on small cards placed on your table. The cards are informative and a nice way to introduce everyone to Steirereck’s wonderful culinary universe.

Also very important at Steirereck are the preparations themselves, a lot of them finished at the table. This creates an extra dimension and gives diners interesting insights into the cooking methods. Experience is also important when it comes to the bread, cheeses or digestives. All of them are presented on beautiful trolleys and the variety is simply stunning.

Service at Steirereck is outstanding and led by lady of the house Ms. Birgit Reitbauer. She does an excellent job, combining a welcoming warmth and world-class professionalism. The same can be said of sommelier René Antrag, who manages a beautiful wine cellar with traditional and contemporary wines. His pairing wine menus are highly recommended when visiting the restaurant.

Heinz Reitbauer is one of the best ambassadors of Austrian cooking, as you can have the best of both traditional and new Austrian cuisine. His strong national identity and dedicated use of the foremost ingredients, combined with tableside experiences, amazing creativity, and a warmhearted flawless service, make Steirereck a must and one of the best restaurants of the world.

With the amuse serving the chef presents various specialities of Austria. Many flavours, products & preparation methods have their own origin and can be easily assigned to their regions. Flavours and tastes create transboundery impacts on families and our history and reflect our living culture. A roundtrip around Austria and furthermore:

‘Grazer Krauthäuptel’ with Medlar, Monk ́s Beard & Limquat

  • Steamed monk’s beard with limquat,
  • Crispy & soaked chia seeds
  • Braised, marinated ‘Grazer Krauthäuptel lettuce
  • Medlar jam with brown egg chili
  • Marinated young ‘Grazer Krauthäuptel
  • Limquat skin
  • Preserved medlar
  • Lettuce-medlar-limquat sauce


Char with Beeswax, Yellow Carrot ‘Pollen‘ & Sour Cream. Mariazeller char cooked in beeswax.

Puntarella with Woodruff, salted Capers & Bouchot Mussels

Romaine Lettuce with Meyer Lemon, Potato & Viennese Caviar

Amur Carp with Romaine Lettuce, Purple Salsify & Dill

Calf ́s Brain with Salsify, Tomato–Peppers & Medlar Kernel

Milk–fed Veal Shoulder with Golden Beets, Peas & White Onion

Fresh Cheese with Rhubarb & Sweet Clover. Fresh sour milk cheese, sorrel, candied celery, rhubarb with ginger & anise, fresh sour milk cheese whey.

Citrus Variety from Schönbrunn.

Tea service and sweets

Heinz Reitbauer is a true ambassador of Austrian cooking. His strong national identity and dedicated use of the foremost ingredients, combined with creativity, spectacular tableside experiences, and a very professional service, make Steirereck a real ‘must visit’ and one of the best restaurants we have ever visited.


Be-Gusto score:                     9,4/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 9,4/10


Steirereck im Stadtpark

Am Heumarkt 2a, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 713 31 68


Pictures by Belgian Taste Buds

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