Be-Gusto: English

Please find below the list with links from articles written in English:


  • Paris: Neige d’été: link
  • Paris: Clown Bar: link
  • Paris: L’Astrance: link
  • Paris: A.T.: link
  • Paris: Saturne: link
  • Paris: Akrame: link
  • Paris: KGB – Kitchen Galerie Bis: link
  • Prenois/Dijon: Auberge De La Charme: link
  • Lindry: Les Grès: link
  • Paris: Le Chateaubriand: link
  • Paris: La Gazetta: link
  • Paris: Agapé Substance: link
  • Paris: Saturne: link
  • Paris: Septime: link
  • Paris: Vivant Table: link
  • Paris: Akrame: link
  • Paris: Passage 53: link
  • Paris: Atelier Rodier: link
  • Lindry: Les Grès: link


  • London: Hedone: link
  • London: Hibiscus: link
  • London: Dabbous: link
  • London: Zuma: link
  • London: Social Eating House: link
  • London: Viajante: link
  • London: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal: link
  • London: St. John restaurant Chinatown: link
  • London: Pollen street Social: link


  • Bornholm: Kadeau: link
  • Copenhagen: Relae: link
  • Copenhagen: Kadeau: link
  • Copenhagen: Noma: link
  • Copenhagen: Geranium: link
  • Copenhagen: Relae: link


  • Modena: Osteria Francescana: link
  • Modena: Hosteria Giusti: link
  • Arcevia: Antico Borgo: link
  • Senigallia: Uliassi: link


  • Girona: El Celler de Can Roca: link
  • Barcelona: Disfrutar: link
  • Barcelona: DiverXO: link
  • Barcelona: Tickets: link
  • Barcelona: Comerc24: link
  • Barcelona: Tapas24: link
  • Barcelona: Moo-Hotel Omm link


  • Tim Raue: Berlin: link
  • Reinstoff: Berlin: link
  • Neustadt an der Weinstrasse: Urgestein: link
  • Nürnberg: Essigbrätlein: link


  • Antwerp: Nuance: link


  • Santiago: Borago: link
  • Santiago: Ambrosia: link
  • Santiago: 99 Restaurant: link
  • Santiago: Osaka: link
  • Santiago: Europeo: link
  • Valparaiso: Alegre: link
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  1. Alisa Wetzel says:


    My name is Alisa and I am a graphic designer from Northern California. I just found your website (thanks to Spanish Hipster), I love it!

    I have a website that features creative restaurant butter displays (odd I know).

    I was curious if you remember any unusual, creative butter displays in all of your restaurant travels? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,

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