Saturne – Paris

Saturne: “The Bistronomie edition of a cave à manger!”

Chef: Sven Chartier                  Sommelier: Ewen Lemoigne

The gastro-bistro ‘Saturne’ opened in 2010 their doors with full foodie & bloggers attention like Bruno Verjus & Gilles Pudlowski. Planning good restaurant & bistronomie visits in Paris is not easy but very important, because we know there are still lots of reasonable priced diamonds in culinary Paris. It was the message from Mr St.Etienne that Saturne was one of his favorite places, that had put this cave à manger on our wish list.

Saturne – Paris

Chef ‘Sven Chartier’ and sommelier ‘Ewen Lemoigne’, have been working together before in the small winebar ‘Racine’. Before that collaboration, gastronomy experience was obtained in L’Arpège. Although the chef is only 24 years old, he is already honoured for his funky French bistronomie dishes.

The restaurant has an excellent location in the 2nddistrict, close to the Bourse. The interior is marked with Scandinavian light touches and the wine fridges are lovely integrated.

Saturne interior

We made a lunch reservation on our arrival day from Belgium with good friends. As our friends had bad luck with the traffic we were extremely well hosted meanwhile. Even with more than 1,5 hour delay they made sure we could offer also our friends a great lunch.

A 3 course lunch is served for 37€ and you have a choice for each course between 3 creative dishes. During lunch no amuse but the bread, served on fresh hay, was from an excellent quality.

Lunch menu

White tuna with rhubarb and raspberry in a Dashi broth.

Thon blanc


Monkfish, kohlrabi & mussels



Chocolate, sea buckthorn & malt

Chocolat & argousier

All flavours and textures were nicely balanced and service was ‘no nonsense’ perfect. We had been reading comments about a slow service but in our experience this restaurant deserves a very positive note. Not all tables were occupied during the Friday lunch and this is hard to believe in bustling Paris, as very rarely I found such good price/quality balance. Saturne’s online reservation system is very user friendly compared to many other good Bistronomies in Paris where you have to call 20 times before getting a table!

Great combination for a Paris Shopping weekend…

Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires 17, 75002 Paris
TEl: +33 1 42 60 31 90
Saturday & Sunday closed
Be-Gusto score: 16/20

Saturne Paris

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