Viajante – London

Viajante – Town Hall Hotel London

Chef: Nuno Mendes

Update! In early February 2014 it was announced that head chef Nuno Mendes was leaving Viajante to join a new venture called Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone. Viajante will close and be replaced by a new venture. For the latest update please visit the website of the Town Hall hotel.


Restaurant Viajante is located in East London inside the Town Hall hotel. Viajante leaded by chef patron Nuno Mendes is a 1 star Michelin restaurant serving creative and cutting edge food. Nuno Mendes has innovative senses from his El Bulli period and he incorporates ingredients from all over the world.Viajante - London - Nuno Mendes

The restaurant is located in a former town hall with an interior design that has Scandinavian influences. There is an open kitchen and chefs join the waiters for serving the stunning dishes.Viajante - London - Nuno Mendes

We enjoyed our tasting menu with some food adventure but the experience did not fully meet our expectations from a michelin star restaurants as not all dishes had balance in taste.

Amaranth, popcorn, sorrelViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Rice, black olive, yeast, pancettaViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Squid & lavasViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Gordal olive soupViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Bread & ButterViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Carrot, horseradish, buttermilkViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Halibut with seaweed sofritoViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Kokotxa with bacalhau dashiViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Cod cheek with onion & potatoViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Beetroot & seaweedViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Pluma Iberico with carrot miso & watercressViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Presa Iberico, fermented leeks & walnutsViajante - London - Nuno Mendes Viajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Cucumber with Reduced MilkViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

Fig with ZabaglioneViajante - London - Nuno Mendes

MilkViajante - London - Nuno Mendes



Viajante (closed as of Feb 2014)
Town Hall Hotel
Patriot Square Bethnal Green, London E2 9NF
TEl: +44 20 7871 0460
Be-Gusto score: 14/20 

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