KGB Kitchen Galerie Bis – Paris

KGB: Kitchen Galerie Bis

Chef: William Ledeuil

In addition to restaurant ‘Ze kitchen galerie’, KGB or restaurant ‘kitchen galerie bis’ is the other facet Ledeuil William culinary adventure. The second chapter of his story combines French sharing dishes with Asian inspired bowl dishes.KGB Paris

The restaurant is located in the Saint-Michel area, close to the Blvd Saint-Germain. KGB was our perfect lunch spot during a bustling shopping weekend. The interior is a result of collaboration between an artist, designer and architect. The result is a great contemporary and artistic atmosphere.KGB Paris

The menu shows as starters the selection ‘Zors d’oeuvre’. On top of a lunch selection you choose 3 Zors d’oeuvre (15€), 4 Zors d’oeuvre (18€) or 5 Zors d’oeuvre (20€). For main courses there is a nice selection of plancha dishes and some pastas.

Zors d’oeuvre: We define hors d’oeuvre as any dish which is not substantial enough to replace a complete meal, although served separately in different plates of a unique form, they convey the same elegance.KGB Paris

Our selection of 5 Zors d’oeuvre…ze hors d’oeuvre:

Foie gras with quince, grapefruit & cedraat citronKGB Paris

Mussels, razor clams & parsley emulsionKGB Paris

Polenta, lardo di colonnata, crosnes & cumin jusKGB Paris

Broth of butternut pumpkin with kaffir & coconutKGB Paris

Sweetbreads with satay crumbs & mashed lentilsKGB Paris

Main: Pollack filet with young onions, salsify, radichio & potatoesKGB Paris

Praliné Capuccino with mascarpone & Gianduja ice-creamKGB Paris

Agrum confit, lime cream, clementine & lemongrass syrupKGB Paris

William Ledeuil and his young team serve a natural and creative kitchen based on top selected ingredients. A kitchen where dosage, balance and the use of the right taste is elementary. Being so close to our favorite shopping area KGB is the perfect place for lunch or dinner. CY soon,


KGB: Kitchen Galerie Bis
25, rue des Grands Augustins, Paris 6e
TEL: +33 1 46 33 00 85
Sunday & Monday closed
Be-Gusto score: 14/20
One Response to “KGB Kitchen Galerie Bis – Paris”
  1. Carla says:

    Wat grappig. Wij gaan later in het jaar weer naar Parijs en ik had mijn oog al hierop laten vallen. Toen we bij Ze Kitchen Galerie waren, was ik zeer te spreken over de gerechten, dus ook deze moet worden geprobeerd. Ziet er goed uit!