Europeo – Santiago

 Reservas: +56 22083603
 Avenue Alonso de Córdova 2417, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
 0056 2 208 3603

Closed Saturday lunch & Sundays

Chef: Francisco Mandiola Camus

Restaurant Europeo is located in the upscale Vitacura area of Santiago. Chef Francisco Mandiola Camus currently manages the restaurant. It was originally opened as the second restaurant of Chef Carlos Meyer – one of Chile’s most renowned chefs, before Francisco took over completely in 2011. Francisco transformed Europeo into a fine-dining restaurant where Chilean and European food is served with a contemporary twist.16499159452_45f11b5a76_z

The restaurant is located in a residential building on the Alonso de Cordova street, between several high-class boutiques and luxury hotels. The interior is classic and besides the main dining rooms, there also is a large, heated veranda, and guests can enjoy their lunch or dinner on one of the terraces in front or next to the building.Europeo - Santiago

Chef Francisco Mandiola Camus was trained in the United States, but spent most of his time in Santiago restaurants before he joined Europeo. Francisco also worked as the Executive Chef of the Oporto restaurant before. Today he serves European and Chilean food, prepared with new techniques and with respect for the main and seasonal products. Today his sous chef Sayil Guerra assists him.Europeo - Santiago

Local ingredients are prepared with European techniques and have influences of French and Italian cuisine. On the à la carte menu you will also find several home made pasta’s like stuffed tortellini with abalone, green fettuccini’s with mozzarella & prawns or home made pasta stuffed with morels. Europeo is committed in serving responsibly sourced seafood without compromising the future of our ocean, which is why for example they do not serve tuna anymore. Dishes vary between 11,5€ and 14€ for starters and are around 27€ for main courses. A 9-course tasting menu is also available with pairing drinks for 68€.




Europeo - Santiago

After the kick off with a Chilean Pisco sour we enjoyed a scallop snack with smoked herbs and a mini empanada with cheese.Europeo - Santiago Europeo - Santiago

Our Tasting menu:

Oysters & nalca: oysters from Chile Pacific coast with nalca or Chilean rhubarb and nalka juice. Paired with Rosé Champagne Drappier.Europeo - Santiago

From our coasts: Sea urchin, pink razor clams and picoroco giant barnacle gives you the full natural flavour of the sea. Served with a glas of bio Riesling Cono Sur.Europeo - Santiago

Wild mushrooms: different textures like portobello, oyster mushrooms, morels and a cream of morel & cheese and carrots sprouts. Surprisingly paired with an aperol drink?Europeo - Santiago

Del Norte, white Chilean abalones: loco (means crazy), stock with herbs from the area & lemon verbena. Served with a Chardonnay Grey Ventisquero.Europeo - Santiago

Ciervo, venison from the south: the tartar of venison tenderloin with greens was served with a Carmenere red wine, Tres Palacio.Europeo - Santiago

Cebollas: fresh onions with a puree of onion, burned onion and powder of onion. It used to be a Chilean tradition to serve lots of onions. The non-alcoholic pairing was a Manzana Eneldo or juice of juniper & apple.Europeo - Santiago

Huerto y restaurant: a dish with everything produced specific for the Europeo restaurant. Beef tongue with goat cheese, powder of parsley and ashes of vegetables. Served with a glass of water:)Europeo - Santiago

Congrio Colorado: Red conger eel with beet puree and a broth diode congrio. Sauvignon blanc Corralillo Matetic from San Antonio.Europeo - Santiago

Asado, our sandwich: barbecued chorizo with pebre & bread, flat iron steak beef. (Cabernet Sauvignon, Valdivieso)Europeo - Santiago

Pre dessert: ice cream pure tree made of pinesEuropeo - Santiago

Perras y cedron dessert: pear and lemon with a verbena chocolate crumble, dulce de lecce cream and merengueEuropeo - Santiago

Chef and owner Francisco sticks to his local roots while he serves dishes with an interesting mixture between Chilean ingredients, European influences & techniques and world-wild touches. His restaurant Europeo has a classic look but serves a surprising cuisine. We found the drink pairings not always in line with the served ingredients and not perfectly matching. Although these little remarks, restaurant Europeo has the potential to become one of the better restaurants in Chile. With some fine-tuning, taste intensity and an attractive wine pairing we are sure Europeo will stay one of the culinary hotspots in Santiago.


Be-Gusto score:                         14/20
Be-Gusto price/quality score: 14/20
Avenue Alonso de Córdova 2417
Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
Phone: +56 2 208 3603
Closed Saturday lunch & Sundays

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