DiverXO – Madrid

DiverXO: Craziness on Canvas

C/ Padre Damian 23, 28036 Madrid
0034 915 70 07 66

Chef: Daviz Muñoz

Few months ago we brought a visit to the dream world of chef Daviz Muñoz. This new three star restaurant in Madrid Spain was unknown for us until the moment that they launched their crazy movie. After watching the DiverXO movie I realized this restaurant is so special that you ‘must go’ but prepare yourselves it can be also ‘too special’.


DiverXo is an exceptional concept. When it opened in 2007, David Muñoz’s restaurant quickly became a must-visit. Here you’ll find a display of gastronomical originality where the chef guides you through his inspiration around Spanish, Asian and South American cuisine. Last year the restaurant moved to the NH Hotel in the Collection building.DiverXO - Madrid

Chef and owner David Muñoz is a young and passionate artist. After catering school he was trained at Balzac and Viridiana in Spain and continued his culinary inspiration tour with Asian influences at Hakkasan and Nobu. The chef is crafting creative tasting menus in a dynamic way and serves a diverse experience of modern cooking. Seen his background and experience it is not a surprise that Iberian traditions and European classics meet flavors of Asia. Some call it a unique fusion of Spanish and Eastern cuisine; few others call it a far-fetched dream.DiverXO - Madrid

Its new location in a separate part of the NH Hotel Eurobuilding is very futuristic and has touches of a modern circus. For us it felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland with the sounds of Cirque du Soleil.DiverXO - Madrid

David Muñoz can be called a food artist and serves his dishes mainly on a white canvas with a lot of action at the table. This new way of gastronomical fun can be tasted in two options. The two menus only differ in the quantity of food and number of dishes. The smaller one is at 145€ and the full menu at 200€.DiverXO - Madrid

After arriving exact at our strange reservation time at 15.28h we settled in a cozy white corner of the restaurant. (Still don’t understand these time slots they put) What follows is a rollercoaster of food tastings and fun. Sometimes exposing delicious combinations with pure and interesting flavors. Other dishes a bit too complicated and lacking synergy in to the plates.DiverXO - Madrid

Menu DiverXO:

Snack canvas with Popcorn on a cream of chestnut butter topped with goat cheese; cannelloni of corn filled with mozzarella; fried bun of cheeseDiverXO - Madrid DiverXO - Madrid

Tomato crunch in the middle of the tableDiverXO - Madrid

It’s showtime: soup with sweet corn, jelly of yellow chili, vanilla and lycheeDiverXO - Madrid

Roasted corn with truffle, dried tomato, black & white corn cream and Mexican corn truffle.DiverXO - Madrid

Softshell crab with Galician sea spider and spicy tomato.DiverXO - Madrid

Bienmesabe fish, Hollandaise sauce, gnocchi from olive and sherry spaghetti.DiverXO - Madrid

Caviar from the Mountain: seeds from Japanese black Cypress, crunchy red mullet, acidulated baby eelDiverXO - Madrid

Honeyed juices of baby squid ink and octopus with roasted tamarind, pochas beans, tobiko and coconut milk.DiverXO - Madrid

Cococha with mushrooms, sauce of oil of foie, Basque pil pil sauce and horseradish foamDiverXO - Madrid

Shrimp in the airDiverXO - Madrid

Red prawn from Denia, Peruvian sauce, mousse of Carabinero shrimps, egg and briocheDiverXO - Madrid

Dim Sum stuffed with suckling pig, spring onion, sauce of the bones of ham that has been reduced for 48 hours.DiverXO - Madrid

Crepe with black Iberico ham, ginger roots and cucumberDiverXO - Madrid

Marbled red with Wagyu beef and citrus. Sandwich of pickled Wagyu beef, fish sauce with sesam oil and rice vinegar.DiverXO - Madrid

Hamburger of beef 90days matured, mochito sauce with passion fruitsDiverXO - Madrid

Canvas with a Riesling sour of tangerine drink; omelet with mini anchovy and ginger; caldillo de perro; liquid salad with black garlic, coconut, almonds and bonito bellyDiverXO - Madrid DiverXO - Madrid DiverXO - Madrid

The love and the duck: Roasted duck heart with red onion, white asparagus, hibiscus vinegar and frozen vinegar.DiverXO - Madrid

Tongue of duck with grapefruit foamDiverXO - Madrid

Fried potato of Hong Kong, fishbone with Jamaican pepperDiverXO - Madrid

Hot & sour soup with skate fish & mozzarella balls, served in a coconut shellDiverXO - Madrid

Welcome to Paris of 70: Lamb shank with it’s juice infused with lemongrass and spices of Southeast Asia, salsify, white truffle, anchovy macaron. A show with French music, closed curtains, a chandelier and a Fronsac-Bordeaux wine in vintage glasses.DiverXO - Madrid DiverXO - Madrid

White peach, tonka beans cream with vanilla, sponge cake with peach, pineapple ice cream, flowers, herbs and flower essences.DiverXO - Madrid

Crunchy sandwich of peach and flower marshmallowDiverXO - Madrid DiverXO - Madrid

Wild strawberry with white chocolate and acidulated chili juice;DiverXO - Madrid

Yoghurt bowl with wild strawberries with jasmine; Mochi rice cake; candy cotton; lolly of ice cream with blood orange, coca cola, ginger and cover of chocolate.DiverXO - Madrid DiverXO - Madrid

Muñoz’s gastro-revolution features a unique cuisine marked by intense sensations and raw creativity. Very artful dishes push the limits of fusion cuisine and the food served on canvasses triggers the experience. However, in some of the servings things got a bit too weird and plates were too complex. Overall, DiverXO is a must visit for every foodie. Expect a dinner full of creative explosions and be prepared for some serious out off the box tastings!


Be-Gusto score:                          17/20

Be-Gusto price/quality score: 16,5/20


C/ Padre Damian 23, 28036 Madrid
Tel: +34 915 70 07 66
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  1. Joseph says:

    Superb pictures, I would definitely like to visit this restaurant.