Uliassi – Senegallia

Uliassi: Haute Cuisine with a Mediterranean spirit

Banchina di levante, 6, 60019 Senigallia AN, Italy
+39 071 65463
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Chef: Mauro Uliassi

When we spoke about travelling to the Marche area in Italy last summer, few foodies strongly advised us that restaurant Uliassi is a must visit culinary hotspot in that area. Senigallia is a small beach resort, unknown to foreign tourists but famous to Italian families in the summer months. It is in this port town of the province of Ancona that chef Patron Mauro Uliassi grew up and opened his quayside restaurant in 1990.Uliassi SenegalliaMauro, is running the restaurant together with his charming sister Catia, who is managing the front of the house. His son Filippo is the sommelier and together with an experienced team they make Uliassi the gastronomical epicenter of the Marche area.Uliassi Senegallia

The restaurant is located in an authentic beach hut and features beautiful views in a relax atmosphere. You can even book one of the few tables on the sand or at the outside terrace. The restaurant is considered to be one of the top in Italy, with the second Michelin star awarded in 2009.Uliassi Senegallia

The sea and its produce are very important for Uliassi: beautiful fish and shellfish are presented in their best way. Produce from the fields towards the mountain gives balance to the modern gastronomical interpretation of the chef. Mauro Uliassi’s food bursts with flavour, and is always colourful and nicely presented. His contemporary cooking style is modern but with the spirit of the Mediterranean tradition. On the menu there is a choice between the Uliassi Lab menu (130€), the Uliassi Classic menu (130€) and an easy lab menu (95€). Although insiders advised us to go for the Classic menu, we asked for a mix between both.Uliassi Senegallia

Sommelier Filippo offers an outstanding price-quality ratio with his selection of Marche wines, like an excellent white Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi Riserva from Stefano Antonucci 2007. Lady of the house Catia Uliassi is also an artist and even made several nice art lables for Antonucci’s wines. The modern artwork pieces can be seen in the restaurant itself.Uliassi Senegallia Uliassi Senegallia

Breadsticks flavoured with weed and anchovy.

Crunchy seaweed.Uliassi Senegallia

Amuse tray: outstanding waffle with foie gras & hazelnut, olive lookalike which was raw meat with an almond inside, Crunchy toast with salted anchovy & truffle and a Kirr Royal shot.Uliassi Senegallia

Red shrimps & citrus sauces.Uliassi Senegallia

Clams, sea urchin & crunchy seaweed.Uliassi Senegallia

Oyster, fried quinoa & apple.Uliassi Senegallia

In the field: Wild herbs, snails & frog legs.Uliassi Senegallia

Carpaccio of raw amberjack, langoustine served alla puttanesca.Uliassi Senegallia

Grilled squid on a skewer with citronnette, pineapple, cucumber, liquid nitrogen from lemon and garlic oil.Uliassi Senegallia

Cuttlefish in his black with avocado & beans. A homage to photographer Mario Giacomelli from Senegalia who is known for his black & white approach.Uliassi Senegallia

Tagliatelle with lemon, cumin and a peach heart: fresh and surprising pieces of the inside of a peach.Uliassi Senegallia

Fusilloni pasta, chicory, sea urchin and sorrel.Uliassi Senegallia

The woodcock.Uliassi Senegallia

Strawberry, cream, mascarpone, merengue of cardamom.Uliassi Senegallia

Frozen acid yoghurt, sponge cake, burned wheat and creamy bran.Uliassi Senegallia

Hazelnut textures.Uliassi Senegallia

Mignardises with an excellent praline of blue cheese.Uliassi Senegallia

Restaurant Uliassi is a true culinary gem located in a beautiful region in Italy. Combining superb produce with highly unique preparations is key to Uliassi’s style. The philosophy directs the restaurant in a great way, which is reflected in pure, delicate dishes bursting with flavours. Every food lover should visit Uliassi for a memorable gastronomic trip in the Italian Marche area.

Tip: Combine your visit with a stay over and dinner at Antico Borgo Arcevia.


Be-Gusto score:                         18/20

Be-Gusto price/quality score: 18/20



Banchina di levante, 6, 60019 Senigallia AN, Italy

Tel: +39 071 65463


Monday & Tuesday Closed

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