Hoja Santa – Barcelona

Hoja Santa: an interesting take on Mexican cooking!

Avenida Mistral 54-56, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 348 21 92
Chefs: Albert Adria & Paco Méndez

Hoja Santa in Barcelona is one of the restaurants associated with the Albert Adria group in Barcelona. The restaurant conceptualizes the culinary Mexican culture in an innovative restaurant located in the Avinguda Mistral in the Paral·lel neighbourhood of Barcelona. It is one of the must visit places of the Adrià empire, next to Tickets, Bodega 1900, Pakta, and Niño Viejo. Niño Viejo is the sister restaurant of Hoja Santa, located in the same building, where the chefs serve more traditional Mexican street food in an authentic setting. At Niño Viejo, the “taqueria”, guests can enter without a reservation, but at Hoja Santa, prior reservations are strongly recommended.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Hoja Santa has a cocktail bar in the entrance area and an open kitchen in the dining room. The interior of Hoja Santa keeps the tradtion and breathes the lively Mexican atmosphere. They used a lot of wood, Mexican decoration and colourful touches to create a vibrant and authentic atmosphere.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Hoja Santa - Barcelona Hoja Santa - BarcelonaAdriá has strong chefs behind each of his restaurants. The chefs need to have the understanding of on one hand the specialties of the themed cuisine and on the other hand Adria’s style and approach to food. At Hoja Santa, chef Paco Mendez showcases the very best of what contemporary Mexican cuisine has to offer. Paco gained experience at El Bulli and was the former Head Chef of Tickets.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

At Hoja Santa they created an adventurous restaurant where they want to share the flavours and traditions of Mexico. The name Hoja Santa is derived from an aromatic herb with a heart-shaped leaf (Oaxaca) that grows in the tropical parts of Mexico and is often used to prepare tamales and green mole in Mexico. Using the best that is available from Mexico and supplementing it with great produce from Spain, Mendez has managed to put together an impressive menu. To prepare his dishes he mixes traditional techniques with innovation.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

The haute cuisine Mexican restaurant seats up to 70 covers and it is possible to order à la carte. However, you can rely on the waiters to select for you a tasting menu with 15-25 bite-size snacks. To pair the dishes, guests have the possibility to choose a Tequila or Mezcal pairing. Both Mexican distillates are processed into delicious cocktails or served pure, depending on the dishes they have to pair with. Restaurant director Donatello Romanazzi, who previously worked at 41°, is in charge of the service at Hoja Santa.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

We started our great tasting menu with a fermented juice followed by a Margarita: one with tequila and on the other side of the table one with mescal. We continued our menu with the two pairings tequila & mescal, which was extremely good.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Mexican pickles with peppers, young carrots, zucchini & shallots.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Crunchy banana with ash from chilli powder and a hoja santa leaf.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Cornbread with corn butter, chia seeds and coffee.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Spherical olives: this signature of the El Bulli family is a green version and filled with a mixture of salsa verde, Tabasco, lime juice and cilantro.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Avocado gazpacho with tomatillo, onion and coriander.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Huacamote quesadilla with cepes, cheese, jalapeno chili and powder of cepes, which are served with a sauce of cepes.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Trip to Mexico: Caesar salad as a skin of chicken and a spherification of Caesar dressing. As you know caesar is original from Mexico.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

A crunch with marinated chilli, prawns, avocado, radish and cucumber. This was served with a extremely concentrated broth of shrimps.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Jicara: bowl of corn filled with lamb, radish, onion, coriander and a coriander flower.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Tomato salad, emulsion of Mexican herbs, crunch of pork.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Oyster with green nopal juice which is a kind of cactus, pineapple, lemon and olive oil.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Mussels on coconut powder with a sauce of yellow plum aguacile.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Pipian papanteco with king crab, crunchy pumpkin seed. The Pipián is a type of sauce used in Mexican cuisine; it is a pumpkin seed sauce that combined extremely well with the tender King Crab. This dish was the absolute highlight of the evening for us.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Cochinita pibil infladita: corn inflated with the pork meat, peppers and onion.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

X-ne-pek:Red onion in the Josper with coriander, juice of onion and chilli.Hoja Santa - Barcelona Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Mole negro: Black chichilo & beef tenderloin. The Chichilo has a deep dark colour from the combination of the dark chiles used in this recipe, and the burned tortillas.Hoja Santa - Barcelona Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Fig in chocolate with sesame, toasted pistachio and smoked corn.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Margarita with coconut cloud: almond cookie, marshmallow of coconut.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

A delicious fake corn was the end of a great experience. The lookalike corn is made from corn ice cream and served with chocolate pralines with hazelnut and Cajeta. Cajeta is a Mexican confection of thickened syrup usually made of sweetened caramelized milk. What a superb sauce and amazing combination.Hoja Santa - Barcelona

Hoja Santa is a great place that offers a modern and interesting take on Mexican cooking. Hoja Santa is yet another brilliant move in the Albert Adrià food universe. In a unique way Albert and head chef Paco Mendez bring authentic Mexican cuisine in a trendy format. Tradition, food intensity and innovation are combined with a casual experience. Another gem in Barcelona that you should not miss!



Be-Gusto score: 16,5/20

Be-Gusto value for money: 16,5/20


Hoja Santa

Avenida Mistral 54-56, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 93 348 21 92


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