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Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta – Valencia

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Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 27, Valencia, Spain
0034 963 74 85 58

Culinary ‘inspirator’ Quique Dacosta started his restaurant career with restaurant El Poblet in Denia. At the location where today you will find Quique Dacosta Restaurant, he initially offered Spanish cuisine and then evolved to a more local fish cuisine. This new direction conceptualizes Alicantine, Valencian and Spanish innovative food. Beside the well-known Quique Dacosta restaurant he also runs the fine-dining restaurant El Poblet, Vuelve Carolina and Mercatbar in Valencia.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

The Mercatbar concept was developed to represent the traditional Spanish cuisine in a modern way but without losing the roots of the history Spanish tapas have. The idea was to represent authentic cuisine in a modern way while still adding traditional and market decorative touches to the concept.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

The name Mercatbar symbolizes a synergy between the Valencian words market and bar. A reasonable priced bar, which is located in a residential area and with the philosophy of serving everyday food in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Tapas and little dishes with an intense and memorable taste are being served in a cosy market bar. One can sit around the kitchen & bar counter or choose to be seated in the regular restaurant part. The bar welcomes guests with chefs who prepare bites or tapas in front of them.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Curry PopcornMercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Oysters with ceviche & mangoMercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Artichoke confit, mushrooms & sweetbreadMercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

CalamaresMercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Coca de aceite con berenjena y atun en salazon: Coca pitta bread with smoky eggplant, tuna slightly matured in salt and mayonnaise. This dish had a perfect mix of textures and some very intense flavours.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Tacos de pato lacado’Pekin’, mango y sriracha: Taco with lacquered duck, hoisin sauce, mango & spicy pepper.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Arroz – dried rice with pork and caramelized onions.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Crema Catalana with Arrope ice cream. Arrope is a grape reduction cooked till it is caramelized.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

Bizcocho de chocolate y helado de cacahuete: ‘snickers’ type of dessert with a great balance between pinda, chocolate and vanilla.Mercatbar by Quique Dacosta Valencia

The food concept at Mercatbar represents dishes from around the world. In line with the style of inspirator Quique Dacosta, they are served with an innovative twist. High quality and as much as possible local produce is key to the spirit of Mercatbar. Tradition and innovation combined into an interesting no nonsense restaurant. A must visit for Valencia!


Be-Gusto score:                           14/20

Be-Gusto value for money:       15/20



Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 27

Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34 963 74 85 58

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