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La Madia: Creative authenticity

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Corso Filippo Re Capriata 22 92027 Licata, Sicily, Italy
0039 0922 771443

Chef: Pino Cuttaia

Licata is a small Sicilian rural town in South Sicily and almost entirely unknown to people outside of Sicily. Licata is located at the mouth of the Salso River and is a seaport city developed at the turn of the twentieth century. It takes few hours of driving from any of Sicily’s main airports to get there while you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Sicily.La Madia Licata Sicily

Combine your visit to the restaurant with a stop in the beautiful Agrigento Temple Valley. When you finally get to Licata you will most likely have some difficulties with finding restaurant La Madia. The restaurant is tucked away on a busy street with no clear signs revealing it. After asking several locals about where it is you will end up at a locked door and the restaurant definitely looks closed. But ring the doorbell and Chef Pino Cuttaia and his team open their world of culinary excitement and will welcome you for a Sicilian fine dining experience.La Madia Licata Sicily

Chef Pino brings the dishes of the Sicilian gastronomic heritage back to life by using modern techniques. Simplicity, intensity and creativity enhance new elegance to traditional recipes, allowing flavours of an interesting country to return to mind again. Amazing taste explosions that will open you up again and embrace you with the lightness of a sea breeze. Choose one of his tasting menus; Classico or Creativo and you are in for modern Sicilian excitement.La Madia Licata Sicily

Chef Pino runs his restaurant together with his wife Loredana. Almost everything you eat is locally produced including the herbs and vegetables, which come from Loredana’s father’s garden.

La Madia, originally founded in 2000, recently made a total renovation and changed the interior. Each of the dishes has a pinch of memory. Each dish, with simplicity tries to tell a story. You might have had the big octopus or the beef and the mozzarella numerous times before, but never like you will have it at restaurant La Madia.

Menu: Il mare inaspettato…

Pizzaiola with lotte fish and a potato sauceLa Madia Licata Sicily

Anchovy and tomato sauce with bread varietiesLa Madia Licata Sicily

Welcome dish Caprese style: espuma of very light burrata with a skin of burrata and a jus of datterini tomatoesLa Madia Licata Sicily

Carpaccio of gambero rosso with a circle of bottarga mayonnaise and lemon oilLa Madia Licata Sicily

Polpo sulla roccia – Octopus on the rock:La Madia Licata Sicily

Raviolo di calamaro ripieno di tinniruma di cucuzza: ravioli of cuttlefish with puree of Sicilian greens, scampi and a sauce of anchovy and shrimps.La Madia Licata Sicily

Pasta e minestra di crostacei – Pasta and shellfish soupLa Madia Licata Sicily La Madia Licata Sicily

Filetto di manzo lisciato all’olio di cenere – beef tenderloin with oil of ash and combined with salted potatoesLa Madia Licata Sicily

Lemon sorbet & briocheLa Madia Licata Sicily

Cannolo with ricotta cheese and ice cream of 20 year old marsalaLa Madia Licata Sicily

Moelleux of chocolateLa Madia Licata Sicily

Pie of ice tart with Marsala ice and pistachioLa Madia Licata Sicily

Chef Pino uses three elements as a base; product, colour, and texture. All this in a well balanced way and with an emphasis on telling some childhood stories. A must stop when travelling to Sicily!

Be-Gusto score:                     8/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 8,2/10


La Madia

Corso Filippo Re Capriata 22

92027 Licata, Sicily, Italy

Phone: +39 0922 771443

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