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Rue de la Baronne Lemonnier 82, 5580 Lavaux-Sainte-Anne
0032 84 38 88 83

Chef: Eric & Tristan Martin

Restaurant Lemonnier is set in the quiet village of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne in the province Namur in Belgium. The stone house building was once the village house of Baroness Lemonnier and the hunting lodge of the castle of Lavaux-Ste- Anne. An excellent setting with a history for a gourmet experience. To prolong the pleasures of the gastronomic experience and to enjoy a relax and quiet stay, nine boutique rooms are offered to guests. They are located on the first floor of the building and accessible through an elevator at the entrance of the restaurant. The cosy guest rooms offer all mandatory amenities, great comfort and a regional charm.

The interior of restaurant Lemonnier consists of several dining rooms including a lounge for cocktails, a guest table for special events and a beautiful garden. A wide terrace opens out onto the garden with a pond, fruit trees and lots of green. The setting is clean, stylish and contemporary, combining authentic and modern elements. Regional antiques and artwork are presented in an interior with light oak, local stones, clay and wide windows overlooking the garden. Craft crockery is created by Coraly Sepulchre especially for restaurant Lemonnier. A visit to the restaurant is an invitation to dive into the heart of a region.

Tradition meets dare in the kitchen, where Chef Eric Martin and his son, chef Tristan Martin, perform together. A kitchen with character(s), merging the best of both sources. Home-made innovation is always key in the product driven cooking style from the chefs. A kitchen which leads to the nature and history of high quality products and which is always focused on seasonal specials.

Lemonnier is known for their special meals during the hunting season and has become one of the hunting season’s hotspots in Belgium. Another trademark is the cooking in clay. A good example is the mullet fish, that has been cooked in clay with herbs, and which is opened at the table. It is served with a white butter sauce, green beans, fennel and artisan sausage. In the truffle season, the fish preparation in clay is completed with truffle and becomes the signature dish. 

Sommelier Frédéric Cabut integrates interesting wine pairings into the menus, completing the purity of the dishes from the chefs. Service is in the restaurant is calm and professional, comforting the guests.

Our Dinner menu from April 2016:

Cocktail with white wine, verbena & lemon


Vitello tonnato with pickled vegetables

Salmon, cabbage and mustard

Couscous with cauliflower and beef, broccoli and Parmesan

Broth of mushrooms, clams and dashi


Tartar of wild sea bream, sea spider, gel of the broth, celeriac and cream cheese mayonnaise

Signature dish: Grey mullet cooked in clay with herbs, white butter sauce, green beans, fennel and artisan sausage

Veal sweetbreads, combined with razors, cockles, spring onion broth, leeks and nori

Lamb, baked asparagus, asparagus espuma, parmesan

Lamb side dish: Navarin, artichoke, carrot, tomato and bacon

Cheese selection from the trolley

Araguani chocolate, pink grapefruit, apple, grape, common barberry, lime


A meal at restaurant Lemonnier is a stable experience you know what to expect of. You are situated in one of the best settings available in the area, having a quality feast both for your eyes and taste sins. The love of the area and soil is expressed in the dishes, that combine a both authentic and innovative kitchen. The restaurant’s many regular guests in the hunting season can not be wrong. They always return to this lovely place and you will probably do the same after your first great visit to the charming family driven Lemonnier restaurant.


Be-Gusto score:                     8/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 8/10



Rue de la Baronne Lemonnier 82, 5580 Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, Belgium

Phone: +32 84 38 88 83



Pictures by Belgian Taste Buds

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