Le Coq aux Champs – Soheit-Tinlot

Le Coq aux Champs – Bol d’iode

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Rue du Montys 71, 4557 Soheit-Tinlot
0032 85 51 20 14

Chef: Christophe Pauly

Restaurant Le Coq aux Champs is the fine dining restaurant of Chef Christophe Pauly, located in Soheit-Tinlot in the south part of Belgium. The restaurant is located in the beautiful ‘Condroz’ region between the green and the fields. Although its somewhat remote location, the restaurant is very famous and popular in this region. Restaurant Le Coq aux Champs was founded in the seventies and has a been a ‘gourmet stopping point’ ever since. In 2003, Chef Patron Christophe Pauly and his wife Catherine Pauly took over the restaurant and revamped it to the place it is today.

Le Coq aux Champs is housed in an old homestead with a cosy outdoor terrace and a separate private dining room. The interior is contemporary, combining an authentic stone floor with modern interior decorations and lots of wood. The wooden tables and other elements were specifically created for the restaurant by local craftsman. Most tables offer a view on the big open kitchen which creates a dynamic and honest atmosphere. Lady of the House Catherine Pauly is responsible for the interior and created a dining space focused on the senses, where only the necessary elements were kept.

Chef Pauly worked together with big chefs like Eric Martin from restaurant Lemonnier in Belgium and Michel Troisgros from restaurant Troisgros in France. From the very beginning in Le Coq aux Champs, Christophe Pauly has opted for excellent products. He makes his choice from the best producers, local products and exceptional appellations. The products are his most important tools and the flavours are predominant in everything the chef prepares. He prefers to leave his ingredients recognisable and only adds what he thinks is necessary to complete the dish. This results in a minimalistic kitchen that is rich in flavour and products. A good example is the starter with green asparagus from Stéphane Longelune, combined with almonds, and lemon. Another remarkable dish is the ‘Bol d’iode’: foice is baked and combined with oyster, green algue, ginger, dashi and cucumber. At Le Coq aux Champs, guests have the choice between a menu in three to five courses or choose dishes à la carte. The price/quality ratio is excellent.

Service is led by Lady of the House Catherine Pauly and is very professional. The team knows how to please business as well as leisure guests and everybody feels at home. The wine selection by the professional sommelier is very interesting and highly recommended to pair the chef his menus.


Crispy cepes

Haddock, beetroot and young egg

Tartelette, yogurt, sesame

‘Amandes de mer’ herbs and leek

Shrimps, tomatoes, lemon, milk, bouillabaisse sauce


Asparagus from Stéphane Longelune, almonds and melon

Bol d’iod: Foie gras, oyster, algues, ginger, dashi and cucumber

Sole, wine, viennoise, morels

‘Pigeon Supreme’ baked in salt crust, verbena and green vegetables

Parmentier with curry and anise

Vacherin, rhubarb, farm milk, infusion of leaves and flowers

Pumpkin, chocolate, honey, hazelnuts

Sweet violet sorbet


Restaurant le Coq aux Champs is one of the best gastronomical restaurants in the Walloon area of Belgium. Chef Christophe Pauly manages to combine top-quality ingredients, local ingredients, a traditional cooking base, and modern kitchen techniques into a contemporary dining experience. Service and wine pairing are great as well, resulting in a very pleasant ‘must visit’ dining experience.


Be-Gusto score:                     8,5/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 8,5/10


Le Coq aux Champs

Rue du montys 71, 4557 Soheit-Tinlot, Belgium

Phone: +32 85 51 20 14




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