Schaufelspitz – Eisgrat top terminal, Stubai

Schaufelspitz – Culinary delights at the glacier

 The Schaufelspitz restaurant
 Mutterberg 2, Eisgrat top terminal, A-6167 Stubai, Austria
 +43 5226 8141 324

Chef: David Kostner

The Schaufelspitz restaurant is located at the Eisgrat mountain terminal of the Stubai Glacier at an altitude of 2900 meters. Stunning panoramic views in combination with a culinary experience are part of this glacier.

Stubai is largest glacier skiing area in Austria. There is a brand new modern 3S cable car, which also operates for non-skiing guests. The cable car takes guest high up in the mountains in only a few minutes and is an experience on itself.

The Schaufelspitz restaurant is located at the final stop of the 3S cable car and is only open for lunch. The restaurant offers room for 55 people in a nice and comfortable pine-panelled dining room. The wind protected sun terrace has beautiful lambskin chairs and a breath-taking panoramic view on the surrounding mountains. The interior of the restaurant stylishly combines steel, glass and wood and the open fireplace brings a more warm atmosphere. The open kitchen creates a vibrant atmosphere in the restaurant and from all tables, the view on the area is overwhelming.

The Austrian Chef David Kostner is responsible in the kitchen. David gained experience in The Grove Luxury resort London, Restaurant Pétrus London, Embassy London and restaurant Palace in Luzern, before finding his way back to Tirol where he became Executive Chef of the Schaufelspitz restaurant. The restaurant serves an evolved Austrian cuisine with a modern approach.

Tyrolean chef David Kostner uses local produce that he buys directly from the farmers and local producers. Tiroler Grauvieh beef is dry-aged for 6 weeks and became a specialty on his menu. Fresh spices and aromas are often used to refine his dishes. He and his team serve culinary pleasure at a high level – in all senses of the word.

One of the big challenges for the restaurant is to get the produce high up in the mountains and to preserve it in the best ways possible. Cooking here is a challenge as well, and, for example, water starts boiling quicker at this height, which changes the way chefs need to prepare their food. Because of the higher air pressure in the mountains, the chefs adapt cooking techniques and interesting food combinations are carefully taken care of.

Bread selection; goat cheese with amarant & truffle; aubergine with Parmesan crisps, butter with herbs.

Beef tartar with pickled vegetables, Dyon mustard and toast

Lobster meat with a foam of lobster, crab, zucchini and tomato sponge.

Carrots with braised veal shoulder veal and a carrot cream soup.

Crispy Cannelloni with fresh goat cheese, hazelnut snow, in wheat bran fermented vegetables, wild herb salad and black quinoa.

6weeks dry aged beef Tyrol grau vieh ox from Wipptal with green beans, duchesse potato.

Medallions of Mangalica pork and scallops were served with fennel, potato and artichoke gnocchi and tomato sauce.

Lamb loin came with a sweet potato terrine, corn, chick beans and pearl onions.

Griessschmarren, caramelised semolina pancake, spiced wine ice cream and figs.

Snowball passion fruit and white chocolate, basil ice cream and mango.

At the Schaufelspitz restaurant you enjoy gourmet delights while soaking up the view of mighty mountains. The restaurant on the Stubai glacier guarantees one of the highest culinary experiences in the Alpes. With original quality food, breath taking views and tasty wines, it is a must visit for every gourmet-lover visiting the area.



Be-Gusto score:                     7,2/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 7,4/10


We explored the region by car which is very accessible travelling from Belgium. In the area the roads are in great condition and the surroundings are stunning. We hit the roads this time with a Subaru Outback, an excellent 4×4 that also performs very well in more demanding situations such as on ice and in snow. A first experience with the Subaru Outback which was very comfortable.

Thanks to some options such as the X-Mode / Hill Descent Control, which helps to automatically maintain a constant vehicle speed on descents, and the Vehicle Dynamics Control System, which detects strange behaviour from surrounding drivers, our trip became safer, easier and more comfortable.


The Schaufelspitz restaurant

Mutterberg 2, Eisgrat top terminal

A-6167 Stubai


Phone: +43 5226 8141 324


Pictures by Belgian Taste Buds

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