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Amador’s Wirtshaus – gastronomy in a wine cellar

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Grinzingerstrasse 86, 1190 Vienna, Austria
+43 660 90 70 500

Chef: Juan Amador

Vienna has a lot to offer in the culinary scene. On our trip we had the pleasure of visiting several very interesting restaurants. Amador’s Wirtshaus is the new restaurant of Chef Juan Amador, located just outside the historical centre of Vienna in Austria. The restaurant in the 19th district is housed within a vaulted stone cellar. The exterior of the building does not suggest that there is a beautiful wine cellar with adjoining fine-dining restaurant behind it – a hidden surprise that waits to be discovered.

Juan Amador was born in Waiblingen close to Frankfurt in 1968. His parents are from Spain so he was born into both the German and Spanish cultures, which have proven to be a perfect combination for his cooking. Amador’s cuisine is something personal, an experience offered by a chef with integrity and skills far beyond the standard. A lot of the cooking is executed with the latest kitchen techniques and is experimental on several occasions, but the foundation of the multi-cultural cuisine is of a more a product-driven French classical origin. However, you can rest assured that Amador is not a traditional haute cuisine restaurant. In addition to the use of as much as possible local produce, the chef uses Mediterranean ingredients and Asian influences as well.

German Chef Amador is one of the new stars of the fine-dining cuisine in Austria. He has restaurants in Frankfurt and Singapore, and he moved his fine dining restaurant from Mannheim in Germany to Vienna in Austria, following the roots of his wife. With Amador’s Wirtshaus he created a place where one discovers the essence of modern gastronomy: a product-driven cuisine mixed with contemporary kitchen techniques. The new foodie destination is housed in the building from vineyard owner Fritz Wieninger. Amador has created two dining rooms under red brick archways, one is the fine dining restaurant and the other is the more no-nonsense part with a rougher interior. This part, called Greisslerei, refers to a small grocer. The place is open for lunch or dinner and you can purchase both wine and foods on the premises. The fine-dining room is located in the old vaulted wine cellar, which is elegantly renovated with a wooden floor, minimalistic white and red colours, and subtle lighting

Given the location, wines are an important aspect of the experience and guests have the opportunity to sample wines from the Weingut Hajszan-Neumann and Weingut Wieninger as well as many other bottles mainly coming from Europe. Service in the restaurant is laid-back but professional and efficient.

Chef Patron Juan Amador is not someone you can easily label. His sophisticated, creative and avant-garde style of cooking is something which will fascinate you as well as make your taste buds happy. The food is intensely flavoured and artfully presented, dish-by-dish by his team.

Tapas & Snack:

Shrimp cocktail

Toast foie & mango

Pulled pork & cucumber

Fish & chips from char

Carbonara with quail egg and rice noodles served with a shot of white cola from Pedacola. 

Homemade bread & butter – sourdough made in the wine cellars of the restaurant.


Frozen Beurre Blanc, red cabbage, caviar & hazelnut.

Langoustine tartar with granny smith apple, duck liver and goat cheese.

A very bold combination with Hiramasa Kingfish, coffee foam, passion fruit and spinach.

Carabinero, tripe, Green curry, mango, mushroom, parfum de siam. Very good dish witch was nicely spiced, in balance and with surprising flavours. Served with a glass of Ximenez spinola, exceptional harvest 2014.

Mieral Pigeon breast, mango, cocos, sauce of purple curry and pigeon blood.

All about pork; Iberico Pluma, head of pork, bell pepper and a goulash jus.

Voralberger Mountain cheese, schlutzkrapfen ravioli with spinach and cheese, pumpkin seed oil, foam and fresh cheese.

Pre-desert: Vodka, ginger beer and cucumber.

Per Aspera Ad Astra – the stoney way to the stars: Almond, pistachio and nougat stones served with a sake.

Le Macaron: star filled of perigord truffles, beetroot & raspberry ice cream, merengue from beetroot.

Nashmarkt mignardises

Amador’s Wirtshaus is a great alternative when it comes to choose one of Vienna’s best gourmet restaurants. The restaurant impresses with creative dishes and a unique location inside a beautiful vaulted wine cellar.

Be-Gusto score:                     8,2/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 8,2/10


Amador’s Wirtshaus
Grinzingerstrasse 86
1190 Vienna
Phone: +43 660 90 70 500

Pictures by Belgian Taste Buds

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