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Geranium: Nouvelle Nordic Cuisine

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Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8.

DK-2100 Copenhagen

0045 6996 0020

Chef: Rasmus Kofoed

The inventive fine-dining restaurant Geranium of Danish Chef Rasmus Kofoed is located just outside the centre of Copenhagen. It’s location at the top floor of the National Football Stadium in Fælledparken is not really usual for high class restaurants but once inside, guests are welcomed into a light, spacious, luxurious and modern dining environment.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

The restaurant’s interior was renovated in 2015. A part of the restaurant was converted into a big open kitchen theatre in order to emphasise on the experience. White and grey colours are mixed with wood and modern, chic Nordic design. The walk-through wine cellar at the entrance of the restaurant boasts an impressive collection of bottles and the restaurant also features a big private dining area.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Chef Rasmus Kofoed is the only chef in the world who gained the gold, silver and bronze medal in the famous Bocuse d’Or competition. The chef received his training at Hotel D’Angleterre on Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. He gained experience at restaurant Scholteshof in Belgium, the famous restaurant from Roger Souvereyns. Upon his return to Denmark, he started with the creation of his own, refined and unique cooking style. While this style is clearly still Nordic, it remains technically skilled, pure and balanced. The chef gets his inspiration from the land and the sea nearby and uses the best from every season. Only the very best ingredients are used.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

There is one tasting menu at Geranium, which consists of about 25 snacks, dishes and sweets. Guests have the choice between a wine or juice pairing with the menu. Restaurant manager and co-owner Søren Ørbek Ledet is responsible for the management of restaurant Geranium. He is also focusing on the impressive wine collection, together with sommelier Mikael Båth. They offer a carefully selected wine arrangement and manage a team of skilled staff members.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

We started our menu with bubbles from Sussex England, Nyetimber South, blanc de blanc.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Crispy Jerusalem Artichoke Leaves, mayonnaise of walnut oil & roasted rye vinegar.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Tomato water, ham fat & aromatic herbs on a spoon to mix.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Geranium Restaurant CopenhagenWhite asparagus with asparagus vinegar & lemon balm.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Delicious Danish Lobster with milk & juice from fermented carrots and sea buckthorn.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Charred Danish potato cooked & smoked under the ground, in an aroma from bark & sheep’s butter.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Geranium Restaurant CopenhagenDill-stone, horseradish cream & frozen juice granité from pickled dill.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Geranium Restaurant CopenhagenRazor clam with minerals & sour cream in an eatable shell.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Yellow beets served with aromatic seeds, smoked yoghurt whey, yoghurt juice & beach plant oil, pickles with onion seeds, elderberry.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Creamy spring vegetables with oyster & fermented cabbage, emulsion of champagne & fermented soy.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

An amazing hake dish was the hake salted & smoked with parsley stems, finished with caviar in buttermilk and a crispy fish scale.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Crispy grains, bread with old grains and gluten free bread with seeds.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Wild herbs, grilled asparagus, melted pork fat & melted Vesterhavs cheese.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Scallop with Söl, juice from celery, dried scallop roe & pickled elderberries.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Morels, sunflower seeds & truffle.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Pork neck sous vide prepared, cucumber stamps, baby cucumber & pickled pine, pork sauce, pine oil, pickled confit of garlic. At the table a bottle Chianti Riserva Castell’in Villa from 1971 was opened with a vintage port tong.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

A taste of spring with shells of crispy beetroot, rhubarb, yoghurt and violet.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Ice cream from beeswax, pollen & honey with cloudberries.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Wood sorrel & woodruffGeranium Restaurant Copenhagen

The end, liquorice!Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Sweets: Salted Caramel with aromatic seeds & tea from black currant leaves, lingonberry bush, cake with pumpkin seed oil, chocolate with oats & sea buckthorn, green egg with pine, marshmallow with hip rose.Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen Geranium Restaurant Copenhagen

Creativity, innovative combinations and lovely tastes made this visit an unforgettable one. Geranium is one of these restaurants where everything makes sense. The delicious, light and well balanced food, the exceptional wine pairings and off course the perfect friendly service. A Geranium experience is more than a meal. It is a journey through the ‘nouvelle Nordic Cuisine’ and a bite into the gourmet future.



Be-Gusto score:                    9,5/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 9,5/10



Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8.

DK-2100 Copenhagen

Phone +45 6996 0020


Pictures by Belgian Taste Buds

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