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Schloss Strasse 27, 66706 Perl-Nennig, Germany
+49 68 66 79 118

Chef: Christian Bau

The Restaurant Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau is located in the beautiful castle Schloss Berg, which is part of the complex Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Schloss Berg. The Renaissance styled castle in Perl-Nennig stands on the edge of Saarland and is very close to France, Belgium and Luxembourg. With its Mediterranean villa and small Renaissance castle, the luxury Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Schloss is gently nestled among vineyards.

Chef Christian Bau, German and originating from Offenburg is married to Yildiz who is the Restaurant Manager and host in the restaurant today. Together with a dedicated team and the assistance of sommelier Nina Mann, Ylidiz serves the guests with German professionalism and style. Chef Christian Bau started his culinary career in 1987 in the Ringhotel Götz Sonne Eintracht in Achern. He continued to various German restaurants before he took on a position at Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube with legendary chef Harald Wohlfahrt. He worked with Wohlfahrt for five years before he became the Chef de Cuisine at Victor’s Fine Dining Schloss Berg in 1998.

Chef Christian Bau became a master of the French cuisine before he changed his concept into a more creative cuisine, a contemporary cooking with lots of influences from Asia. This demands enormous skills as well as bravery. Chef Bau is one of the few chefs in the world that successfully managed to make this change and combine these kitchens into a high-end fine dining experience. Today, his cooking at Victor’s Gourmet-Restaurant is an inspiring combination of top creativeness and boldness.

Behind the castle façade, one will discover the quite unique fine-dining experience of Victor’s Fine Dining. Creativity and the intensity of the flavours brought this restaurant to what it is today: one of the best haute cuisine restaurants in Germany.

With the ‘Paris – Tokyo’ menu you will discover tastings that are attractive and precisely decorated, combining influences from both European and Asian cuisine. Chef Bau plays with taste, texture and colours. This menu can be ordered in 4, 5, 7 or 8 courses (150€, 190€, 235€, 258€).

‘Paris – Tokyo’ menu:

Amuses Prolog with a tartare of bio ox, caviar and smoked fish cream; merengue macaron with goose liver, smoked eel and apple; a tartare of crab with structures of water melon and a sorbet of water melon; an excellent green-zebra tomato consommé with miso, sardine, sorbet of red tomato and raspberry and yellow fin tuna with pickled radish & shiso marinade.

‘Stone & Vegetable garden’, 13 pickled vegetables, rocks of miso-yuzu ganache, iced coriander pearls.

‘Japanese Sea Breeze’, amber jack, iodic flavours, ponzu vinaigrette.

‘Wild sockeye salmon’, quinoa structures, kimizu, stock from jalapeno & sudachi. Beatifully paired with saké ‘Blüte des Nordens, Junmai Ginko.

Praline of foie gras from Alsace with hazelnut inside and layered with a coffee gel. Spoon of sorbet from foie gras, Morello cherry adn golden hazelnut.

Red gamberoni, dim sum of gamberoni, yam, gel of green Thai curry, mousse of jasmine rice and jus of gamberoni.

Bar de ligne, BBQ-Eel, lady fingers and a kojyu-vinaigrette.

Tuna-torro, heart of palm, truffle and dashi.

‘Schulterscherzel’ from the Japanese Wagyu beef, corn, black garlic cream and ponzu.

Lamb sadle from ‘Hofgut Polting’, combined with oriental flavors and a light lamb jus with argan oil.

‘Japanese snowball’, calpico, sake, yuzu & shiso.

Multivitamin: exotic fruits in textures.

‘Bau.Stein.’, verbena, raspberry & peach.

Coffee & sweets

The extensive menu at Victor’s Fine Dining serves dishes with great attention to details, a mind-blowing balance between the flavours, playfulness, and sheer craziness. This puts Restaurant Victor’s Gourmet to the top level of German gastronomy. You will be surprised of the big armada of dishes which will come your way. Prepare yourself for intense flavours in a beautiful castle environment you will never forget.



Be-Gusto score:                     9/10

Be-Gusto value for money: 9/10


Victor’s Fine Dining Schloss Berg

Schloss Strasse 27, 66706 Perl-Nennig, Germany

Phone: +49 68 66 79 118


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