In addition to the well known Gelinaz shuffle event, this year, an additional project THE GELINAZ! BRUSSELS HQ, was organized. This crazy event involved 20 of the world’s most daring chefs.

The facts:

  • 20 topchefs
  • 4 shifts of 10 dishes each
  • 40 different dishes inspired by other Gelinaz chefs
  • Each dish prepared by two chefs working in pairs in the Brussels HQ got its inspiration from one of the other Gelinaz chef serving at that moment somewhere around the world.

The Headquarters event was created to celebrate the SHUFFLE’s international synergy and highlighted the culinary creations that were taking place worldwide.The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

The Gelinaz Shuffle around the world

This year, a total of 40 chefs from 17 countries and 5 continents packed up their knives and left their native kitchens for an unchartered restaurant, the territory of a fellow participating chef. Picked at random by ballot, each chef discovered his or her new restaurant location several weeks prior to the SHUFFLE itself ……. But it was kept secret for the audience. On arrival at their destinations, the chefs embraced the lives of the ‘absent hosts’, including staying in their homes and integrating with their family, dogs and friends. At the restaurant, the chefs had to work with their surrogate kitchen teams to create an eight-course menu inspired by the culinary delights and culture of their new location. This made the 10th of November memorable in the Culinary world.The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

The Gelinaz! Brussels HQ

The Gelinaz organizers chose with restaurant Bon-Bon in Brussels a perfect location. This 40seat restaurant made the experience complete with an open kitchen and an elegant, contemporary interior.The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Chefs line-up in Brussels:

Albert Adria, Yannick Alleno, Armand Arnal, Kristian Baumann, Claude Bosi, Mauro Colagreco, Enrico Crippa, Paul Cunningham, Magnus Ek, Alexandre Gauthier, Christophe Hardiquest, Gert de Mangeleer, Petter Nilsson, Nikolai Norregaard, Leonardo Pereira, Fulvio Pierangelini, Philip Rachinger, Mathieu Rostaing-Tayard, Davide Scabin, Clare Smyth

Beyond food & evil

San Pellegrino has powered the Brussels event and we had the opportunity to select two young top chefs in Flanders. Together with who selected two Walloon chefs our table of six was ready for an epic dinner/night event. Thank you Mathieu Jacri (La Villa Emily), Carl Gillain(L’Agathopede), Niels Brants (Essenciel), Jan Tournier (Cuchara) and Laurent Delmarcelle ( Gelinaz HQ event Brussels The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

The Last Shift: Midnight – 3 AM

Beef Hanting: a pain soufflé filled with beef tartar and a tomato sauce

Remixed by Christophe Hardiquest & Enrico Crippa

A Jock Zonfrillo tribute to Blanca (New York)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Cauliflower puree with egg yolk and bottarga

Remixed by Albert Adria & Leonardo Pereira

A Manu Buffara tribute to Luksus (New York)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Pork Belly with carrots, sea bucktorn and black garlic

Remixed by Kristian Baumann & Magnus Ek

A Matt Orlando tribute to Mission Chinese (New York)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels


Remixed by Mauro Colagreco & Alexandre Gauthier

A Gaggan Anand tribute to Momofuku Ko (New York)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Maestro de la Marioneta: A polenta croquette with bone marrow and an oyster mayonnaise

Remixed by Paul Cunningham & Mathieu Rostaing-Tayard

A Rodolfo Guzman tribute to Mc Crady’s (Charleston)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Caremilzed onion ice cream with polenta

Remixed by Fulvio Pierangelini & Petter Nilsson

A Niko Romito tribute to Central (Lima)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Squash broth, cream of coral and spaghetti squash jelly with dehydrated yeast

Remixed by Yannick Alleno & Nicolai Nørregaard

A Daniel Burns tribute to Maido (Lima)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

The sweet potato dreaming of becoming a gazpacho

Remixed by Armand Arnal & Claude Bosi

A Mitsuharu Tsumaura tribute to Atelier Crenn (San Francisco)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Virtual oyster, watermelon with oyster finishing touch

Remixed by Philip Rachinger & Davide Scabin

An Alexandre Silva tribute to Willow’s Inn (Lummi Island)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

White chocolate with puffed rice, Parmesan, seeds and Saffron

Remixed by Gert De Mangeleer & Clare Smyth

A Ben Shewry tribute to the restaurant at Meadowood (Napa Valley)The Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

After party in Humphrey Restaurant Brussels – selected pictures onlyThe Gelinaz HQ event Brussels

Thank you Chefs, Gelinaz, San Pellegrino and crazy guests,


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